Top 10 Instant Stress Relief Techniques

Published: 16th July 2009
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Stress can hit without warning, causing irritability, tiredness, restlessness and depression. Without scope to de-stress, stress can also cause lack of concentration, poor productivity and lethargy. To relieve stress, there are several relaxation exercises like Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Yoga, Walking Meditation, Body Scanning and Mindful Eating. At work, home or school however, the need for instant tress relief calls for quick and effective stress-busting techniques.

Instant stress relief can be attained performing several simple exercises:

Walking: Nothing like a quick walk around to relieve stress. Walking is good exercise; it helps work your muscles without causing strain or tiredness. Also, a few minutes to gather your thoughts can lend you fresh perspective.

Deep Breathing: Midst work pressure and chasing deadlines, most people become irritable and loose their temper. Practicing deep breathing involves inhaling from the abdomen and exhaling through the mouth, counting slowly as one does. More oxygen to the brain helps calm the nerves and control temper.

Massage Therapy: Massage therapy involves self-massage techniques like scalp massage, under eyebrow massage and sinus pressure relief massage at the bridge of the nose to soothe and relax, reduce worry and anxiety. Shoulder tension relief using circular motion helps loosen cramped muscles, refreshing and rejuvenating the body.

Visualization/ Guided Imagery: Visualization involves imagination; recollecting a favorite memory or conjuring images of places you want to be in, personalities you want to be known as, or tasks you want to accomplish. Guided imagery requires vivid imagination, including details of smell, feel and sensation.

Shout/Dance/Cry: Shouting and crying helps vent your pent-up emotions and promotes clear thinking. Dancing is fun, helps relax your muscles and is superbly refreshing. Perform these exercises on the roof or in the restroom for instant escape from the frustrating, monotonous work routine.

Share a Laugh: Laugher is the best medicine and is capable of relieving tension and refreshing the mind. When stressed, walk around and spend a few minutes conversing with co-workers or crack a joke. At your workstation, enjoy a private moment reading a funny mail or watching a funny video to reduce stress.

Talk: If you have a colleague with whom you can share workplace problems or personal emotional crises, spend few minutes talking with her/him. Talking is particularly beneficial for women, as women are prone to sharing ideas, experiences more than men.

Read a Fiction: Stress can be handled by reading your favorite fiction story, comic strip or online novel. Reading fiction takes your mind off work and promotes imagination that can help visualization.

Punch Bags/Dart Boards/Pool: Many office common rooms and canteens have a series of instant stress relief games and equipments to help employees relax and refresh. Punching sand bags or aiming darts are effective tools to release frustration and anger. Pool games engage workers in conversation and laughter.

There are also several Online Games for instant stress relief. These games are fun, engaging and relaxing, includes soothing graphics and music and concepts that allow players to release frustration, forget tensions and reduce anxiety.

For more relief techniques for easy stress reduction you might want to read the guide to instant stress relief.

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