How to Make Baking Soda Acne Mask?

Published: 09th July 2009
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Beauty lies in simplicity. Nothing is more attractive than a glowing healthy and smooth skin. However, problem starts when pimples break out on your very beautiful skin.

Today several solutions exists that treat acne or pimple. Some are medical solutions while others are home made beauty treatments. You have to identify your skin type as well as the type and degree of acne that you are suffering from. Severe outbreaks require an individual to consult a doctor. But if you are suffering from irregular small outbreaks then creams available in the market can help you out. You can also make such useful creams at home.

Infact it is an accepted fact that the best treatment starts at home. Baking soda acne cream is a home made remedy for the sufferers. It is easy to make and you require the following ingredients:

Ingredients that you need:
2 mixing bowls
baking soda (lat. sodium bicarbonate)
filtered water

How to prepare the Cream:
  1. In one mixing bowl add 2 teaspoon of filtered water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. Mix the two together to get a paste. If the mixture becomes more watery then you have to add some more soda to it and vice-versa. Adjust the mixture in such a way that it becomes a paste.

  2. In another mixing bowl add a crushed apple paste. To get the paste put the apple in some hard, non-breakable bowl and crush it using some hard metallic object. Leave no big pieces of apple in the bowl. Make it into a complete paste that you can add to the previous mixture.

  3. Next we need some cucumber paste. The cucumber paste is added to the main mixture too. Mix all the ingredients together so that it appears as one complete cream.

  4. Next include the honey. It is the most vital and ultimate ingredient of the whole mixture. 1 teaspoon is added. All the ingredients are now finely grounded to make a thick paste that can be used as a cream. The mixture is then refrigerated for sometime.
    How to use the baking soda acne cream?

The final mixture is known as the baking soda acne cream. It is used as a home remedy to treat acne. To use the baking soda acne cream, first wash your face with a mild soap to clear out any dirt or oil. This would assure that the acne cream ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and benefit you in every way. Apply the cream evenly all over your face. Do not rub it on your face. Leave it for about 5 to 15 minutes. Then wash it off with plain water.

Your homemade acne cream with baking soda will help you get rid of acne. Use it for about a month to notice the changes that it slowly brings to your face and Skin. Everyone will give you a second look after the first. It will always keep you clean and fresh.

For more information on how to prepare and use baking soda properly you might want to read the comprehensive guide on baking soda acne cream.

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