Baby Acne Treatment

Published: 04th August 2009
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Acne is a very common disease nowadays. People of all ages can suffer from acne. But mostly it tends to appear during teenage period. Baby acne is rather rare but sometimes it can affect an infant. It usually appears between two weeks and six months age though it can appear also after 6 months. Usually baby acne disappears on it's own but you can help your little one to get rid of it faster with vinegar remedy. This is the best solution to cure your baby.
Why does baby acne appear?

There is no simple answer for this question and still many doubts. It said by experts that baby acne can be caused by hormones he or she receives from mother during the end of pregnancy. Other experts point out that it can be caused by certain medications during nursing. If you or your baby take certain medications it can trigger baby acne. Some doctors say the baby acne can appear because of mother's hormones which go through the placenta to the baby during final moments of pregnancy.

Baby acne can appear in many places on the body. But usually on forehead, chin, cheeks, back or stomach. Baby acne shows up as a red rash with raised bumps. Sometimes whiteheads are present. Specially if baby suffers from staph infection, but this must be cured by a doctor!

Baby acne is not a serious disease and you shouldn't cure your baby with tropical or oral medications which are used by teenagers and adults. If you decide not to cure baby, the acne will probably go away on it's own. If not consult with the doctor. Clean you baby's skin gently with mild baby cleansers at least twice a day. Remember that you can't scrub baby's face because it can cause skin irritation. Don't apply baby lotion or baby oil on infected place.

You can try to cure baby's acne with a vinegar. This remedy is used by many people and it works effectively. You can find many products on the market which contain vinegar to treat baby acne. It is essential that you choose the remedy with all natural ingredients.

When you want to use baby vinegar remedy, you have to remember to use product that contains vinegar sparingly at first on order to be sure that your baby's delicate skin will not have an allergy reaction to the product.

If the acne is bad all the time, and you go to doctor, he will probably not prescribe medication. Doctors usually advise to use cleanser and to use a product which contains vinegar. Bare in mind that you can't overuse vinegar products. Also remember not to expose your baby to sunshine.

Understanding the difference between Milia and baby acne

It is very probable that you notice white bumps on baby's chin or nose. These bumps are called milia and it is something different than baby acne. Milia appears because tiny flakes are trapped under the upper layer of baby's skin. They can affect girls and boys.

Milia are not so common compared to acne and it is cured faster than acne usually. It can happen that your baby has both problems. Clean your baby with cleansers and gently pad the surface with the towel. Milia and baby acne do not need any special treatment or medicines. Instead of this, you can try to use vinegar products. If you see that baby acne or milia are not getting better and last for a long time, consult this with your doctor. Also if you notice that there is a change in baby's complexion.

For more information on baby acne and how they occur you should read the guide to causes of baby acne.

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